Brand Story – Lobinni Watches

Brand Story

 LOBINNI, is a Swiss registered brand. It now operates in over 70 countries and tells a thousand extraordinary stories, with the outstanding quality of the products and excellent craftsmanship in their manufacture.On December 20, 1963, the first Lobinni watch was born in Interlaken, Switzerland, and at the same time, the legendary journey of the Lobinni watches began.                                                                                                                                                            By purchasing a LOBINNI watch, it will become part of your personality, and you will feel all the emotions it conveys.The moments build the history of the brand.                                       

The products are equipped with a two-way automatic winding system with the same structure as SII [Magic Lever], and the measured efficiency of the automatic winding is remarkable. Redstone bearings are used inside the movement. More than half of the Redstone is used for the time system, part is used to extend the functional modules, and the rest is added to the automatic winding system. This factor is also one of the reasons for its remarkable efficiency.                                   

The quality of LOBINNI watches is distinguished by the elegance and refinement of the products. The finishes are excellent and the coordinates of the assemblies are very high. The purchase of a LOBINNI watch will bring you full satisfaction.                                                                                                                         All LOBINNI products, sold in our store, are purchased directly from the factory and are accompanied by a quality certificate and a multilingual warranty certificate. The warranty for LOBINNI watches is 24 months, and in addition if you are not satisfied with the product, you have at your disposal 30 days to return it, to be replaced or to get your money back.